Draffin Street Furniture’s water fountains are manufactured using high quality materials and are ergonomically designed, ensuring easy access and use to all members of the public, including wheelchair access.

Our line of water fountains are crafted of quality materials including hardwood, galvanised sub frames, marine grade stainless steel and even recycled plastic to both look good and withstand heavy use.

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Draffin water fountains are designed to fit into a range of different spaces, with different styles and dimensions available. Our water fountains range from modern stainless steel fountains that blend in with urban spaces to water fountains designed for public parks as well as heavy duty water fountains to withstand heavy use.

Each fountain is made to inflect minimal impact on its surrounding spaces, offering a sustainable, environmentally friendly option for public drinking water dispensing. Our public water fountains come with different finish options for each product, including:
  • PowderCoating & Dulux Colour
  • Brush polished stainless steel
Additional water features available include the optional addition of a ground grate, side tap or dog bowl, making the fountains ideal for public spaces and parks.

We understand that each of our customers are different and have different needs. Our team of experts are committed to meeting our customer’s requirements. By working closely with our clients we are able to establish exact requirements which enables us to tailor our products specifically to these needs. Whether it’s a fountain or a seat, we are here to help with all your queries.