Bike Racks

Draffin Street furniture offers a selection of simple and aesthetically pleasing bike rack designs perfect for any outdoor setting.

They are crafted from strong, durable materials to withstand stress from both harsh weather and continued heavy use. Draffin offer a range of different bike storage and hoops styles that are made with quality and value in mind to suit your particular space and budget.

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Cycling is a great way to get to get around. It’s good for your health, environmentally friendly and offers an enjoyable mode of transportation, whether riding for leisure, or cycling to and from work. With the number of people that use bikes to get around, it is important that public spaces are designed to facilitate the use of bikes, this includes providing areas and utilities where the public can safely store and park their bikes. Our range of bike racks and hoops are made to be installed through the use of bolted down, inground or wall mounted options. We use the highest quality materials such as steel and marine grade stainless steel to ensure quality and durability. Our product range includes circular, curved, flat, modular and spiral bike racks and hoops, designed to blend into their surrounds. Our Bike hoops and racks provide a place for people to securely park their bikes, whether this be in parks, throughout the city or in schools.