Draffin has a range of over thirty different outdoor park and street benches to choose from

These versatile models are made of durable materials including stainless steel and treated hardwood or composite. With a variety of dimensions and profiles, from classic park seats to curved council bench designs, there’s sure to be a great model to suit your particular space.

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Our benches can be divided into three distinct categories: bench seats, benches with backs and tree seats. Bench seats are a great way to provide a temporary resting spot, with a minimal profile that is low maintenance and easy to fit into any setting. Our outdoor park benches with backs provide a comfortable place from which to enjoy the park surrounds, comfortably seating three to four people at once. The tree seats are designed to surround an established tree, cleverly providing both protection for the trunk and shade for the user at the same time. We are able to subtly tweak any street furniture bench, chair or setting, for a custom look that is all your own. Find out more about what we can do for you here.