Wheelie Bins & Posts

Draffin’s series of public Whelie Bins are made from quality plastic, manufactured to withstand continuous use and heavy rubbish loads.

Both our Wheelie Bins and Bin Posts are designed with durability in mind – they are functional and have been built using quality materials to stand the test of time and withstand harsh weather conditions.

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Draffin’s public wheelie bins come in a variety of different sizes from 60LT to a maximum of 360LT, and are offered in a number of different colours. Our wheelie bins are also available with recycle rosettes, making it simple to recycle waste.

The bin posts we offer at Draffin are effective at deterring bin movement due to the strength of our post clamps. With smart quick-change locks, all parts of the recycling bin posts can be replaced.

After discussing with customers about poorly made dog waste dispensers, our team at Draffin has created an effective Dog Waste Bag Dispenser that is now available in our product range.

Draffin offers quality park bins and litter solutions that are perfect for any environment, whether it be in a school ground, around public spaces and parks or for commercial spaces.

With over 60 years in the industry we understand the importance of producing quality and durable products that are made to look good and provide functionality throughout the years.