Wheelie Bin Surrounds

Keep your bins secure with the premium quality wheelie bins surrounds range available at Draffin.

Our latest range of bin enclosure designs are focused on maintaining a modern, professional and clean look for outdoor spaces.

1200 Series with Canopy Cover

1200 Series with Pressed Cover

1200 Series with Pyramid Cover

1200 Series with Sloped Cover

1500 Series Bin Surrounds

1500 Series Recycling Surrounds

1500 Series Slatted Surrounds

800 Series with Canopy Cover

800 Series with Curved Cover

800 Series with Flat Cover

800 Series with Pyramid Cover

800 Series with Sloped Cover

900 Series Pyramid/Flat -Timber Clad Bin Surrounds

900 Series Sloped -Timber Clad Bin Surrounds

Boroondara Bin Surround Range

Bushland Bin Surround

Internal Recycling Bin

Melbourne City Council Dog Waste Surround

Melbourne City Council Stainless Bin Surrounds

Moreland Bin Surround

Wheelie Bin Corral

Yarra Bin Surround Range

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We work with local councils, schools and commercial business owners to provide effective litter solutions, that keep waste secure, offer premium functionality, as well as providing a modern visual design to fit in with local outdoor spaces. Our designs are diverse in style, allowing you to choose from a selection of surround types including:
  • Canopy cover
  • Pressed cover
  • Pyramid cover
  • Sloped cover
  • Simple steel covers
  • Recycling Surrounds
  • and many more
When our team of designers are creating a new product, one of the main factors that influences the design process is durability. Our wheelie bin surrounds range offers impeccable durability to cope with all Australian weather conditions. Quality materials and modern sustainability design principles are combined to suit all outdoor space types.
Each bin enclosure design offers various customisible cover options to meet your needs. Cover options include:
  • Spun flat
  • Pressed rubbish
  • Recycled canopy
  • Convex rubbish
  • and more
Draffin offers a range of pattern designs, material types and mounting options to further shape the end look of the enclosure you are seeking for your space. We can also provide laser cut options to have your logo imprinted on the bin enclosure design you have chosen.
For more information regarding our wheelie bin surrounds range please contact one of our expert consultants today. Contact us.