Sharps Collection

At Draffin, we offer a range of sharps collections containers to keep public spaces clean and safe.

We manufacture sharps containers in a variety of sizes to suit all requirements. We offer standalone disposable sharps canisters or a choice of large heavy-duty steel options with one-way only access.

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Providing a safe and secure method for sharps disposal is vital for the health and safety of the community. By providing easily accessible receptacles for diabetics and others to dispose of their used syringes, there is less chance of people experiencing accidents and coming into contact with used sharp materials.

Our sharps containers are crafted using the highest quality materials with a sleek design, they are puncture, leak and access proof to allow for the safe and hassle-free disposal of sharps.

At Draffin we create all our fixtures with public safety and durability in mind. We ensure that all of our sharps containers are manufactured to meet the legal requirements for sharps disposal as well as adhering to Australian standards.

Draffin’s range of sharps containers can be used for safe disposal of needles and syringes in both commercial and public spaces. To learn more about our Sharps collection product range and the safety standards we adhere to feel free to get in touch with one of our expert consultants – contact us.