Bin Lifters

Draffin’s bin lifters have been designed to be operated with ease, allowing the user to carry out tasks smoothly, safely and with minimal effort.

We offer bin lifters in 3 different styles, including the heavy-duty electro hydraulic litta lifta, manual hydraulic litta lifta and the powered electro hydraulic litta lifta.

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Each bin lifter comes with stabilising brackets and wheel brakes for movement safety. With lift loads of up to 75kg, you will be able to lift your wheelie bin in a safe manner. Our electric models offer a safety-warning buzzer during operation to alert users.

All wheelie bins are equipped with a metal chain attached around the bin to hold it in place whilst unloading waste. Bin lifters help avoid injury in the workplace to the operator and come equipped with safety guards.

Draffin also offers an extensive range of wheelie bins and wheelie bin posts to suit any business, council or educational space. Experts in the industry, Draffin provides quality service and products and are always keen to discuss our products and their benefits with customers.

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing customized solutions for our clients. We work hard to provide high quality wheelie bin lifters that are durable and built to stand the test of time.