Ash Receptacles

Ensuring that the public have easily accessible ash receptacles in the right locations is important in keeping a safe and clean environment.

Draffin’s range of ash receptacles are designed to be easily recognised, mounted on the wall or ground and provide ease of use for the public to dispose of ash and cigarettes.

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Draffin’s outdoor ashtrays are perfect for any location – commercial or public - were a designated smoking area is needed. Whether it be outside of commercial buildings such as restaurants and office buildings, or in open parks and public areas, our freestanding and wall mounted ash receptacle bins are made to suit any outdoor space.

Crafted of stainless steel, Draffin’s cigarette receptacles are designed to be discreet and unobtrusive. Our ash receptacles are both fireproof and waterproof. They are designed to hold a large quantity of cigarette butts to allow for less frequent emptying, and all come with a removable liner for simple and convenient emptying.

Cigarette butts are the most commonly littered item in Australia. Smokers often say that they are led to litter when there is a lack of properly placed bins or no access to an outdoor ashtray. Draffin’s range of ash receptacles has been created to eliminate cigarette litter by providing easy access to disposal of used cigarettes.