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High Quality Bin Enclosures and Bin Surrounds

Draffin Street Furniture boasts a huge range of over forty different bin enclosures and bin surrounds. From public recycling bins to simple, sleek wheelie bins, we’ve got solutions for every space and every application.

We specialise in bin enclosures, designed to prevent would-be vandals from damaging public property whilst also making sure that refuse does not drift from the bin area. We offer eleven different standard designs, perfect for protecting our range of public bins for sale. Looking to establish groups of council recycling bins? Our surrounds are the perfect way of making it clear what type of recyclable is to go in each bin. Custom designs, incorporating council or park authority colours and logos, are also available.

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1200 Series with Canopy Cover

1200 Series with Pressed Cover

1200 Series with Pyramid Cover

1200 Series with Sloped Cover

1500 Series Bin Surrounds

1500 Series Recycling Surrounds

1500 Series Slatted Surrounds

36lt Tapered Steel Bin Frame

36LT Tapered Timber Slatted Bin Frame

800 Series with Canopy Cover

800 Series with Curved Cover

800 Series with Flat Cover

800 Series with Pyramid Cover

800 Series with Sloped Cover

900 Series Pyramid/Flat -Timber Clad Bin Surrounds

900 Series Sloped -Timber Clad Bin Surrounds

A Free Draffin Caliper

Boroondara Bin Surround Range

Brisbane Butt Bin

Bushland Bin Surround

Darebin Galvanised Litter Bin

Disposable Sharps Canister

Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Dog Waste Station

Double Wheelie Bin Post

Handle Safe Bin

Hawthorn Bin

Heavy Duty Electro Hydraulic Litta Lifta

Internal Recycling Bin

Manual Hydraulic Litta Lifta

Melbourne City Council Dog Waste Surround

Melbourne City Council Stainless Bin Surrounds

Metal Bin Liners

Moreland Bin Surround

Parallel Timber Slatted Bin

Perforated Bin

Powered Electro Hydraulic Litta Lifta

Recycling Wheelie Bin Post

Sandringham Bin

Sharps Disposal Receptacle

Single Wheelie Bin Post

Tapered Steel Slatted Bin Frame

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When you buy public bins in Australia from Draffin, you’re not just buying a quality bin that is made to last in all conditions. You’re also buying a commitment to quality local design and manufacturing. We make all our pieces at our Bayswater manufacturing facilities. At Draffin Street Furniture, we pride ourselves on producing innovative new products, designed to the highest quality. Our Bin Enclosures are perfect for any environment and will add a value to any urban design project. To buy council bins or request a custom design quote, please contact us.